Page Summary in a Sentence
This is an ever evolving page of resources suggested by people who identify with the neurodiverse community focusing on common comorbid conditions associated with neurodiversity.

General Resources

A live stream from How To ADHD with viewers questions and featuring clinical psychologist and ADHD researcher Dr Patrick LaCount discussing the comorbidities that come with ADHD.

YouTuber, Stephanie Bethany, outlines a definition of comorbidity and introduces some of the comorbidities seen with autism.

Sleep Disorders

AspieLife shares his personal experiences and general information on problems sleeping associated with autism.

We found this small video super informative and wanted to include it as we know how difficult sleep can be (Ally, the autistic human writing this, says whilst writing this at 0230!)

Jessica from How to ADHD discusses not only how ADHD affects sleep but also how you can go about getting better sleep zzzzzz…

Noelle Matteson from the Living with Adult ADHD blog offers some tips from her own experience for getting better sleep with ADHD.

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Eating Disorders

Pooky discusses the interplay between autism and anorexia that can occur from both a personal and general perspective.

Purple Ella discusses her own personal experience of having an eating disorder and its relationship to autism.

eeemeals discusses the link between and her experiences of Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) and autism, introducing both what ARFID is generally and giving her own personal story and how it relates to her autism.

Molly discusses her personal experience of binge eating and its relationship to her ADHD and the impulsivity and how getting an ADHD diagnosis helped with this.

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A short video by AspieWorld discussing the link between autism and epilepsy both personally and generally.

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Jontje discusses the links between autism and migraines, how she did not realise she had them initially but eventually learned what they were and how they occur. It is a very informative video and also features a cat!

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Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

In a brief video Laura James discusses her experiences with EDS and autism and highlights the overlap between the two conditions.

NeuroPride Ireland discusses the link between Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and autism and her experience of hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and autism.

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Suggestions & Recommendations
We hope you find what you need here, but as Practical Neurodiversity is a really new project and because neurodiversity is so expansive, we will unfortunately not have resources on every topic; so, if there is something you see elsewhere that you feel we should add or if there are resources you would like us to help you find, just let us know by using the form below.

Important Note
As we update and categorise this list some resources may be mentioned more than once due to their overlap between context and certain resources may appear under multiple subheadings of neurotype due to the complex overlaps between neurodiverse ways of experiencing and knowing the world, and we also just want to make sure you are able to find what you are looking for too.