What We Do In One Sentence
Practical Neurodiversity is an informal blog and resource platform dedicated to the creation, promotion, and celebration of practical and meaningful resources created by neurodiverse people with the intention of helping others neurodiverse individuals.

Our Values

text reading, "Reciprocity, Lived Experience, Leadership" on a blue background beside a rainbow infinity symbol.

Practical Neurodiversity values lived experience and shared knowledge within the neurodiverse community as a profound and impactful resource for meaningful and practical approaches to physical, social, and mental wellbeing. Moreover, we give importance to the potential for not only that which we may learn from one another, but the benefits the processes of sharing, storytelling, and teaching can offer members of our community too and we strongly value teaching, leadership, and sharing our voices in whichever form we may choose to do so. Above all, we seek to foster ethics of care and reciprocity within the neurodiverse community.